In 2000, my family bought a Nintendo 64 for Christmas. I would play OoT as young link looking for items, Easter eggs  or interacting with all the NPC's (adult link stuff was too scary.) Once I got my sticky hands on Majora's Mask, I totally fell in love with the game. 🌚
Fast forward to today and I cant help admiring the worldbuilding in games like Dragon Quest XI, Persona 3,4 & 5, Paper Mario series, Undertale, Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 7, and of course the newer Zelda releases.  🌍
I'm currently taking some online courses for 3D modeling in blender. I hope one day I can create a world that you will get lost in 😎
If I'm not on the computer, I'm probably gardening. 🌱